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Cholesterol reduction

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High blood cholesterol levels are major contributors to heart attacks and strokes. The major “bad guys” are the Low-Density-Lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels. I call these the Least Desirable Levels of cholesterol. Everyone should try to have their LDL-cholesterol below 100 mg/dl. If the value is above 130 mg/dl the risk for heart attack is increased.

While drugs are available (the ‘statin’ drugs), it is safer and more healthy to decrease LDL-levels by diet and lifestyle. I have lowered my own LDL-cholesterol levels by 100 points by diet and supplements (from 200 to 100 mg/dl); this is a 50% reduction! Many of my patients and friends have decreased their values by 50 points or more through diet and lifestyle changes.

This is what works:

  • Reduce animal fat and cholesterol intake by eating less red meat (fatty meat) and high fat dairy products. I refer to eggs, cheese, and butter as the ‘yellow death’.
  • Increase your intake of soluble fiber from oatmeal, oatbran, beans, and fruits. The target is to get 3 grams of concentrated soluble fiber twice daily from these sources. I have oatmeal every morning with fruit and soy milk.  For more information, go to and to .
  • Use a fiber supplement if you have trouble getting in 3 grams of concentrated soluble fiber twice daily, use a fiber supplement such as Metamucil in powder, wafer, or capsule form. OK, I’m on the National Fiber Council that obtains support from P&G.
  • Use soy protein, about 10 grams twice a day. I use soy milk in the morning in my oatmeal and coffee, I love edamame (green soybeans), I munch on soy nuts, and when available, I order tofu at restaurants. Purchase baked tofu.
  • Take plant sterol supplements, 1.2 grams, twice daily. I recommend the gel caps that enhance absorption of the plant sterols. Personally, I take 2 gel caps twice daily that I obtain as Heart Choice Plant Sterols from the Vitamin Shoppe, 1-800-223-1216 or I do not have connections with any of the companies that sell products like this.

My long-term friend and outstanding clinical investigator, David J. Jenkins, MD, PhD, ScD, of Toronto, Canada has extensively documented that these measures, which he calls the Portfolio diet (Google it or him), lowers LDL-cholesterol by 35%.

So good luck. Your cholesterol level is in your hands!

Your Nutdoc advisor, Jim.

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What are nutrition solutions?

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Many people prefer to manage health with diet and exercise rather than drugs. For 40 years my research and practice has focused on control of blood fats, diabetes, high blood pressure and weight through nutrition measures. In this blog I will share with you some of the approaches we have used.

Jim Anderson, MD, (aka, NutDoc), trained in internal medicine, endocrinology and nutrition. I have done biochemistry lab research, hundreds of clinicals with drugs or nutrition for all these conditions, but have felt most fulfilled in trying to bring this research experience to the clinic where I have had an active practice. 

In this blog I will be sharing specific suggestions that  you can incorporate into your own lifestyle to improve health. Specifically, I will initially share the strategies that have been successful with my own patients. I will start with approaches to lowering blood cholesterol since drug use has recently been challenged. In the 1980’s I was know as the “oat doc.” In the 1990’s I became the “soy doc.” Now I want to be the “nut doc.”

About 30 years ago we developed new diets– high carbohydrate and fiber (HCF)– diets to better manage diabetes. We found that most people with diabetes could reduce their need for medications or insulin by 25-75% using this diet. These diet experiences helped many people lose weight but we needed better education stategies to empower people to make long-standing changes in lifestyle habits. In 1985 we established the HMR Weight Management Program at the University of Kentucky and have helped thousands of persons lose weight and maintain successful weight management long-term. We will share some of these guidances in this blog.

Send us your questions. On a regular basis we will post guidelines related to specific areas. While we will not be able to send answers to individual questions we will try to post comments  of general interest and respond to questions of general interest.

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    Nutrition solutions for dealing with cholesterol, diabetes, or weight management.


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