Diabetes Prevention

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The diabetes that most adults have (adult-onset or Type 2 diabetes) is largely preventable. With good lifestyle practices most individuals, even though they have the genes for diabetes, can avoid developing this troublesome disease.

Diabetes prevention has been a focus of my research for 40 years. These comments come from observations made by my research team and by others.

Three things are important:

  1. Weight management. About 80% of Type 2 diabetes can be attributed to overweight. To minimize risk for diabetes the body weight should be about what most people weighed in high school of a BMI of less that 25. BMI calculator at www.mypyramid.gov. Cutting back on fatty foods and sugar overload coupled with walking 2 miles daily are very important protective practices.
  2. Healthy eating. A high carbohydrate and fiber intake is protective. Persons who eat our HCF diet (see www.hcf-nutrition.org) have a 30% lower risk of developing diabetes. People who are addicted to beef, pork and other red meats have a 36% higher risk for developing diabetes. Whole grain products (three servings per day) and soy protein (two servings) per day are important protectors.
  3. Nutrition supplements. Certain supplements appear to have diabetes preventive properties. Providentially and paradoxically I have pre-diabetes. Without changing a healthy plant-base diet or walking 3 miles per day, taking these supplements lowered my fasting glucose value from 118 (pre-diabetes) to 99 (normal). These are what I recommend. I do not have any financial or other connection to these companies.

Ø      Magnesium 400 mg/day (very convincing evidence),

Ø      Alpha lipoic acid 200-300 mg/day (suggestive evidence),

Ø      Chromium 400 micrograms/day (suggestive evidence),

Ø      Vanadium 100 micrograms/day (suggestive evidence),

Ø      Cinnamon powder 1000 mg/day (Not yet of proven value in humans but you can use to enhance many foods you serve.)

            My first choice: Blood Glucose Support*: 2 capsules twice daily

1-800-304-1708 www.drsinatra.com

*I am not certain that Gymnema or Banaba extracts are of value but they probably are not harmful.

So, if diabetes runs in your family or you have a ‘touch of sugar’ you may want to do these preventive things. They have worked for me and for many of my patients.


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