How To Lower Your Cholesterol By 30 Points

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Your blood cholesterol level is a major cause of heart attacks. The foremost way to lower your cholesterol and protect yourself from heart attacks is to limit your intake of meats, processed meats (sausage, hamburger and lunch meat), high fat dairy foods (ice cream, milk and butter) and eggs.

The American Heart Association recommends the Therapeutic Lifestyle Change, which includes a diet limited in meat, animal fat and high fat dairy foods as well as walking 30 minutes daily. The goal also is to achieve a desirable, non-obese weight.

Know Your Numbers

  • LDL-cholesterol (the “bad guy” type)- desirable is less than 130 and ideal is less than 100 mg/dl (for persons with heart disease the goal is 70 mg/dl);
  • HDL-cholesterol (the “good guy” type)- desirable for women, more than 50; and for men, more than 40 mg/dl;
  • Triglycerides (the other type of blood fat), less than 150 mg/dl.

Most people can lower their “bad guy” (LDL) cholesterol by 25 to 45% by making changes to their eating habits. I lowered my high LDL cholesterol from 200 to 110 through diet alone.


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2 Responses to “How To Lower Your Cholesterol By 30 Points”

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Dr. Anderson:

Would you please explain why or how you becam a vegetarian?

Do you currently eat any animal foods or products? If you do eat eggs at this time, would your need for oats and other cholesterol-lowering foods change if you were strictly vegan—that is, no eggs and no dairy, no fish?

Thank you,
Patti Cone

Hi Patti,
Thank you for your comments.
I became a vegetarian for health and ecological reasons. I am a lacto-pisces-vegetarian because I use non-fat dairy products, fish and plant foods. My research indicates that animal fat and cholesterol (from what I call the ‘yellow death’ namely butter, cheese and eggs) are major contributors to heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and many forms of cancer. I have just reviewed this again for my book out next January (Chapter 12– Your Health Is In Your Hands.) I use skim milk and believe that fish consumption has major health benefits for reducing risk for heart attack, heart irregularities, and other benefits.
In 1980 I became Dr. Oatbran when I reported the dramatic effect of oatbran in lowering cholesterol. I believe that old fashioned oats are one of the best ways to start the day. The gummy soluble fiber that give oatmeal its stick-together qualities acts to lower cholesterol in the blood, thus lowering risk for heart attacks. Oat fiber binds the cholesterol released by the liver and drags it out of the body with the bowel movements.
Everyone, even strict vegans produce cholesterol in the liver that needs to be eliminated from the body or it accumulates in blood vessels to cause hardening of the arteries. While omnivores may have 1000 mg of cholesterol passing through their intestines each day, vegans have 600 to 700 mg per day because, even though they do not consume cholesterol, the liver manufactures it and it is absorbed from the intestine into the blood where it can damage blood vessels. So, even vegans can get great benefits from eating oats.
Thanks again for your comments.

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