Self-Talk for Weight Loss

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A positive mind-set and a can-do attitude contribute importantly to weight management, fitness and health. Recent research indicates that many overweight people have some degree of dysfunction of the right brain. The right brain tends to control our urges to overeat or abuse our bodies in other ways. This research suggests that ‘overpracticing’ positive, affirming approaches can help the right brain overcome these areas of sluggish activity. We now know that the brain can develop new connections and grow new cells, even in 70-something individuals!

            Self-talk is one practical and proven way to help the right brain develop positive outlooks and  generate affirming self talk. Most people are left-brained and the left-brain is driving and impatient. The left-brain generates self-talk like: “that was stupid”, “you have no will-power”, “you are lazy”, and “you are a pig.” The right brain has trouble getting a word in edge-wise but can be trained to generate positive and affirming self-talk such as: “you are motivated and can achieve your goals”, “you are disciplined and can control what you eat” and “you enjoy exercise because of the sense of accomplishment and its health benefits.” Here are some self-talk statements that can be tailored to your situation and begin to program you right brain to generate these statements:

  • I am committed to improving my health and enjoyment of life through specific goals related to my diet and physical activity.
  • I have set realistic health and weight management goals that will enable me to be more physically active and feel good about myself.
  • I contribute importantly to my family. I plan to become healthier and more fit so that I can participate more fully in family activities.
  • I exercise regularly and I enjoy it. I appreciate the positive health effects that physical activity provides. Each week I burn more than 2000 calories.
  • I keep records of all my food intake and my physical activity. I review them three times daily and plan for the next part of the day or tomorrow.
  • I only eat food that is healthy and nutritious for me, and I always eat the right amount.
  • While everything about my health is not under my control, I plan to do everything I can to enhance my health and wellness.

Action Items

·         Write out seven goals that reflect your own needs.

·         Read these goals aloud at least once daily.

·         Repeat specific goals—especially general ones about yourself when negative self-talk statements pop into your brain.

Self-talk is working for me and for many of my patients in health and weight management. It will work for you also!!!
Please post your comments. Best wishes.

Jim (nutdoc)



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