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Your Health Is In Your Hands: Preventing Major Health Problems

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You can avoid or prevent major health problems through diet, exercise, and other lifestyle practices. You can prevent diabetes (see Preventing and Reversing Diabetes blog), heart disease (see Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease blog), high blood pressure and many forms of cancer. Prevention rates are estimated as follows.
Problem Prevention Biggest Preventer Other Preventers
Diabetes 90% Lean weight Exercise/supplements
Heart disease 82% Diet (fiberchol fat) Leanness/exercise
High blood pressure 60% Diet (fiberKsaltfat) Leanness/exercise
Cancer (breast, colon) 50% Diet (fiberchol fat) Leanness

The big Lifestyle preventers are:
• High carbohydrate, high fiber, low fat diet (HCF diet or Simple Lifetime Diet)
• Fitness including cardiovascular (walking), aerobic (exercise bicycle), weight training, stretching and balance practices
• Lean body weight (women- high school weight; men- college weight)
• Not smoking, limiting alcohol intake
• Adequate sleep, stress management, relaxation, meditation

High Blood Pressure
High blood pressure, the major cause of strokes also is preventable in 60% of individuals. Diet, exercise, leanness, good stress management, proper sleep and meditation are the best prevention strategies.

Risk for many forms of cancer, like breast and colon cancer, can be reduced by 50% through health lifestyle practices. The strongest prevention strategy is it eat a high carbohydrate, high fiber, low fat diet that is rich in whole grains, vegetables and fruit.
Your health is in your hands. You can reduce your risk of most major diseases by 50% to 80% by lifestyle measures.

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Your Health Is In Your Hands

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You can prevent or reverse many health problems; it’s in your hands. Through health-promoting lifestyle habits you can reduce risk for virtually all common health problems by 50 to 80%. By lifestyle I mean: healthy diet, being fit, not smoking, proper sleep and stress management.
Mark Twain said, “The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d druther not.” But while having oatmeal, All Bran®, blackberries and blueberries with soy milk for breakfast every morning may not be my first choice, tastewise, it is my first choice, healthwise—and I enjoy it.
But good health practices can reduce risk for heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and cancers by more than 50%. Personally I want to maintain good health so I can enjoy life and my grandchildren!
Let’s start with some simple examples of health maintaining practices. From head to foot you can maintain your health.
• I have had several skin cancers on my face. When I am out in the sun for a few minutes I get red spots on my forehead if I don’t wear a hat. If I wear a hat and use sun screen, I don’t get red spots. I don’t want any more cutting on my face and x-ray treatment!
• About 20 yrs ago I developed a slight bunion on my left foot. I starting wearing a Dr. Scholl’s bunion pad on this foot and this problem has not progressed.
• Sinus trouble can largely be prevented. One winter 14 years ago I had three courses of antibiotics for recurrent sinus infections. I saw the an excellent ENT doctor and he recommended this plan: 1. Use Mucinex® twice daily, at bedtime and in AM. 2. Use saline nasal spray at night, two full squeezes for each nostril. 3. Use Afrin spray every morning when you start to get stuffy. I have not had to take an antibiotic for 14 years!
• Varicose veins can be managed without surgery. Thirty years ago varicose veins developed in my legs. I watched as my toes got purple from blood accumulation there. I saw the best vein surgeon in Lexington and he prescribed supportive elastic stockings (called Jobst stockings). I put these on every morning and take them off when I go to bed. My veins stabilized and the discoloration decreased. When I started going to the YMCA three days a week, at age 70, my varicose veins improved and the discoloration of my feet decreased further! As I built up the muscles in my legs, circulation improved.
These are trivial problems but they illustrate the point—our health is in our hands! In the following blogs I will discuss preventing and reversing more serious conditions.
Take care of your health!

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