Weekly Summary Chart

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Beginning Date:                                                                                  Beginning Weight:


Shakes Entrées Fruits/Vegetables Bars On theDiet* Consumed   SEFV** PhysicalActivity Weight

































*Consumed only meal replacements, fruits, and vegetables and no other caloric items

** Consumed at least three shakes, two entrées, and five fruits and vegetables (SEFV)


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8 Responses to “Weekly Summary Chart”

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If you use your print button only the chart prints (at least on my computer); the only thing that is left off is the **Consumed at least 3 shakes, two entrees, etc. Thanks Dr. Jim!!

Thank you for posting this chart! I just started the simple diet and still thumbing and reading the book. A few questions…. in place of an occasional shake would it be ok to have a greek yogurt 120 cal, 0 fat and 12 g protein. And is it ok for me to cook within the guidelines instead of having my family eat frozen dinners in the evenings?

Hi Stephanie, thanks for your comments and questions.
Re: Cooking for the family. The guidelines for the Simple Lifetime Diet in Chapter 12 help you cook for your family. This is a healthy diet for everyone. You can join the family with a salad and have entree while they have a good protein choice such as white meat. All of you can enjoy your favorite vegetables. Then you can enjoy a variety of fruits with them for dessert. I use Splenda on my fruit as well as a sugar free Carmel syrup (DaVinci Gourmet(R)). Your family may enjoy have some low-fat yogurt with their fruit.
Re: Having a yogurt instead of a shake. This is a reasonable request. The disadvantage of yogurt is that you are getting 120 cal in about 5 oz. while many shakes have 10-20 oz. of volume. This deviation from the recommended diet may lead to other substitutions that may lead to diet deviations and, consequently, less weight loss.
Thanks and best, Nutdoc

Hi Stephanie, please use the guidelines in Chapter 12 in cooking for your family. Best, Nutdoc

I just started the diet three days ago. Althou i have been very good and it has been easy. I have a hard time with getting the third shake in. Im just not hungry. Will this slow down any weight lose? I havent weighed myself yet. But typically what i have been doing is in the am i have a shake and a fruit and again for a snack the frozen entree with veggies and maybe another small fruit the my super with veggies. please let me know. thank you

Hi Coco, Good start. My experience with treating over 1500 people with the Simple Diet is that those who faithfully take three shakes, two entrees and five fruits or vegetables are more successful with weight loss and stick with the program longer. You can get powdered shakes and blend them with only 6 oz. of water so the volume isn’t as large. I often stir up my favorite powdered shake into a pudding in three or four ounces of water or diet soda. If your veggies or fruits are too filling you can choose higher calorie ones such as potatoes and bananas. When discussing this with some ladies I get the impression that they really do not enjoy the shakes that much and having three per day is “psychologically” too hard. Try self-talk to say, “Enjoying three shakes per day is very important for my weight loss success.” Best of luck, Nutdoc

Hi Coco, hope you are still hanging in there. See my blog, “1. Simple Diet Challenges.” This indicates the importance of getting in three shakes daily and gives you more specific advice. Good luck, Nutdoc

Thank You. I have been sticking to it. In 1 week my lose was 2pounds. Thank you

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