1. Simple Diet Challenges

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A. COOKING FOR THE FAMILY. The guidelines for the Simple Lifetime Diet in Chapter 12 help you cook for your family. This is a healthy diet for everyone. You can join the family with a salad and have your entree while they have a good protein choice such as white meat. All of you can enjoy your favorite vegetables. Then you can enjoy a variety of fruits with them for dessert. I use Splenda on my fruit as well as a sugar free Carmel syrup (DaVinci Gourmet(R)). Your family may enjoy have some low-fat yogurt with their fruit.
B. YOGURT INSTEAD OF SHAKE? This is a reasonable request since the yogurt meets the protein, calorie and fat guidelines. The disadvantage of yogurt is that you are getting 120 cal in about 5 oz. while many shakes have 10-20 oz. of volume. This deviation from the recommended diet may lead to other substitutions that may lead to diet deviations and, consequently, less weight loss.
C. SUBSTITUTING FOOD FOR AND ENTREE. One good question relates to Subway sandwiches. Some are reported to have less than 300 calories, more than 9 g of fat, and 12 g or more of protein. This may be accurate for one prepared in the company research kitchen but may really underestimate the calorie and fat content as prepared in the shop. What about extra cheese, generous mayonnise, etc. In general people do better on the Simple Diet if they do not have any foods not included in the guidelines.
D. SHAKES FOR THE FAMILY. Many children and even adults love the smoothies suggested in the Simple Diet book. Try some fun recipes for your family.
E. TROUBLE WITH THREE SHAKES/DAY? Some people tell me that “can’t take three shakes/day.” My experience with over 1500 people on the Simple Diet suggests two things. First, the volume of food is too much in the beginning. If this is the case, buy shakes that have fewer oz. (8 instead of 12) or make powdered shakes with smaller amounts of water or diet soda. My favorite shake makes a great pudding with just about 4 oz. of water. Second, some people do not enjoy shakes that much. That’s the reason most diets or programs do not rely on shakes. But shakes are, in my opinion, the most important ingredient in the Simple Diet. For this reason, the Simple Diet allows people to achieve 2 to 4 times more weight loss than the other diets or programs. Use affirming self-talk, “Using three shakes per day is very important in helping me lose the weight I plan to lose.
Good luck, Nutdoc


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7 Responses to “1. Simple Diet Challenges”

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KEEPING RECORDS. Did you know in Upward Basketball for elementary school children they do not keep score. The object is to have good wholesome fun, not the win. BUT, when we are working on Weight and Health Management, while this is FUN (!?), we need to be winners for our weight to behave the way we plan. Keeping score is vital in this process. On the Simple Diet, we ask you to keep Daily Summary Charts of intake of entrees, shakes, fruits, and vegetables as well as physical activity. Successful people also keep Weekly Summary Charts (as posted on Nutdoc) of food intake, physical activity and weight. This way you can maintain your WINNING ways until you reach your weight goal. Best, Nutdoc

I have had my stomach banded, and lost weight in the beginning. I have gained back the weight and now am having a problem with raw and steamed veggies, fruit and some meats, like fish. I seam to be able to eat most of the meals on the plan, but when I eat steamed broccoli or a fresh apple, I end up having to throw up. Since the surgery, they have tightened the band once. That was the last time I was in to see that Doctor, because when I asked about what I should do about the port he left in the front of my stomach right above my belly button, he said I would never need to worry about it because he didn’t think I would ever loss that much weight. I am now throwing up more than I ever imagined and am afraid I will ruin my throat. My husband took out a loan against our home for the first surgery and now I need to know how I can reverse it. We have no more money to pay for another surgery, although I really need to have it removed. It hurts when I stand at my kitchen sink and do dishes, because it bumps right on the port. I haven’t been able to make love to my husband very often because the pressure on that spot hurts so much. I wish I had found your diet before I had that surgery. I might be lighter and feeling more human than I have for awhile.
Is there anyway you can help me?

I am also wondering if I can substitute a YoCrunch Greek yogurt parfait (190 calories, 6g fat and 12g protein) for a shake every once in a while? I also found some Lean pockets, and breakfast pockets that seam to qualify. I also was introduced to unjury protein powders when I had surgery. They have 5 flavors and they come in at between 80 and 100 calories, 0 to 1.5g of fat and 20g of protein. They taste really great and can be mixed with fruit and ice and sugar free coffee flavorings.

Thank you for reading my note!

Hi Rebecca, sorry you are having so many problems after your LapBand. As I indicate in The Simple Diet, I am reluctant to recommend bariatric surgery unless people have pushed the envelope with an intensive diet like the Simple Diet.
GREEK YOGURT. Several readers have queried me about substituting “Greek Yogurt” for a shake. Although my experience with over 1500 patients using the Simple Diet cautions me about substituting items not “on the diet,” I am still here to learn. Greek yogurt with 200 or less calories per serving, 10 grams or more of protein, and 6 grams or less of fat may be substituted for a shake. Good luck, Nutdoc.

You don’t mention anything about Atkins products. Will those work with the diet also? I have also used items from Wonder slim, some of there items like the sloppy joe mix would fit into the requirements for the shake replacements.would they be good substitutes if you wanted something warm and not a cold shake. The protein powder that I really like is Unjury. That is under 200 calories when mixed with water or skim milk and has less that 3 grams of fat and at least 20 grams of protein.

Keeping a record of your intake is always recommended with any diet; but, I have always had a problem with it. With the Simple Diet the charts (daily & weekly) now make this very easy. I was reading the book last night and it really hit home to me, as an RN it is drilled into us “if it is not recorded it is not done!!”, with that statement in the book it really hit home. Now I have no excuse not to record my intake. Thanks Dr. A for making this program so easy.

what do you do if you urologist say that you cant drink the protien shakes because its bad for your kidney and you only have one kidney?

Hi Brad, I can’t give you specific medical advice but can tell you that we have treated many individuals with kidney problems with the Simple Diet. We have treated a number who were too heavy for kidney transplant surgery. If you are obese it is very likely that your diet includes much more protein than the Simple Diet. You can choose three shakes with 10 g protein (30 grams total) and two entrees with about 10-12 grams protein letting you have 50-55 grams per day. You need about 56 grams or protein per day if your ideal weight is 154 pounds or higher. Of course, most men have higher ideal body weights and need more protein. Maybe your dietitian can advise you on this. Best, Nutdoc (MD)

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