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A. KEEPING RECORDS. Did you know that in Upward Basketball for elementary school children they do not keep score. The object is to have good wholesome fun, not the win. BUT, when we are working on Weight and Health Management, while this is FUN (!?), we need to be winners for our weight to behave the way we plan. Keeping score is vital in this process. On the Simple Diet, we ask you to keep Daily Summary Charts of intake of entrees, shakes, fruits, and vegetables as well as physical activity. Successful people also keep Weekly Summary Charts (as posted on Nutdoc) of food intake, physical activity and weight. This way you can maintain your WINNING ways until you reach your weight goal.

B. EXERCISE LIMITED. I have treated many patients with this diet who were in wheel chairs. In the book we chronicle the story of a lady who ditched her wheel chair and became a ‘shopaholic’ at the mall as she increased her walking with her granddaughter. Exercise is more of a challenge if you cannot walk but most people have found ways to be more active. You can do the upper body exercises illustrated in the book and probably the straight leg raises and maybe the prone leg raises while in bed. Many people with arthritis and limited walking abilities can do water aerobics. Many people with knee problems that limit their walking can use a recumbent exercise bicycle. Your doctor and physical therapist can give you more specific guidance. Let’s try to get movin’!

C. SALAD DRESSINGS AND CONDIMENTS.The Simple Diet includes use of salad dressings and other condiments with 15 calories of less per tablespoon. We recommend using no more than two tablespoons of these condiments per meal. I pour 1 tablespoon of fat-free Ranch Dressing on the side of my plate and use as dip for my raw vegetables at lunch and then use less than 2 tablespoons of fat-free French dressing on my salad in the evening. In restaurants where low-fat salad dressings are served in a small bowl at the side, I dip the tines of my fork into the dressing and then into my salad.

D. WINE AS A FRUIT? “May I count wine as a fruit on the Simple Diet?” The legalistic Dr. A. says, “No, will power dissolves in alcohol!” Seriously, in Phase One of the Simple Diet, wine is not considered a fruit and using alcohol during this phase greatly reduces your chances of getting to your weight goal. On the Simple Lifetime Diet, wine and alcohol in moderation (7 drinks/wk for women, 10 drinks/wk for men– guidelines of health authorites) is permitted.

E. SHELF-STABLE ENTREES: When I travel I always take shelf-stable entrees that do not require refrigeration. And, they are already cooked and can be heated for one minute in a microwave. I often eat them without heating in the car or on a plane. My favorites are from HMR, available at ihmonline.com or at 1-888-446-2846. Other shelf-stable entrees such as Compleats® or Dinty Moore® from Hormel, are available at grocery and drug stores.


Good luck, Nutdoc


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4 Responses to “2. SIMPLE DIET CHALLENGES”

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Dr. Anderson I have a quick question. Ive been following your diet religiously for a little over a month and have lost about 18lbs. I just hired a personal trainer to speed up my process and help me to get toned – however the trainer stated that my energy level has not improved and told me that i should be eating atleast 1500 cals a day….she recomended that i add more protein to my breakfast by adding half of toast and a little peanut butter or by increasing my entree portion by eating 1.5 entrees….Im a bit skeptical since i have lost weight by strictly following your diet…Do you think thats a good idea? If not, how can i add more protein to my bfast (i currently eat a banana, an apple and a shake)without getting off the diet?

Hi Danielle, Congratulations. Decreased energy is not uncommon when you are losing weight nicely. Here are my thoughts.
If you have lost 80% of your goal weight you could transition to the Second Phase.
My common coaching is that your caloric intake should clearly exceed your calorie expended in exercise, which I feel sure you are doing. Your protein intake is probably adequate but could be enhanced using more shakes and entrees– advised in our eat more guidelines. I do not recommend eating food off the diet while in the first phase. You can’t get higher nutrition quality than from the shakes and entrees while you are losing 3-4 pounds per week.
Keep up the great work. Best, Nutdoc

Im nowhere near my 80% so ill definitely just continue to stick to what ive been doing. Thanks a lot!

Hi Simple Diet-ers: Celeste recently queried me about phone apps. We do not have any but will look into other sites that may offer them. In response to requests– especially from e-book readers– we have posted Daily Progress Charts and Weekly Summary Charts. If requested by several people, we could post nutrition guidelines for shakes, entrees and bars as well as lists of recommended shakes, entrees and bars as blog posts. You might be able to copy them into your phone. Other readers could print them out to carry. The Simple Diet forum on http://www.sparkpeople.com has also posted helpful summary sheets. Good luck. Nutdoc

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