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In the last year I have added balance to my recommended fitness program. In addition to Cardiovascular, Weight Training, and Stretching, you should add balance activities. Balance exercises help you maintain your balance—and your confidence. While important for all ages, it is especially important for seniors. It reduces your risk of falling.

Here are some simple exercises. Start out using a chair or counter for balance. Do each exercise for about 15 seconds.

Stand to the left of the chair and hold on to the chair with the left hand (if you need to.) Balance on the left foot with the right foot bent behind you, then do forward kicks with the right leg, then rotate the right foot, then place the right foot on the upper left calf. Repeat standing on the right foot with the right hand on the chair. For more of a challenge do this while standing on a pillow or a semi-circular Bosu Ball.

Do the march: stand on right foot to right of chair, hold on with right hand; do 15 march steps with left leg, repeat with right leg.

Do heel to toe test: walk heel to toe with front foot touching back foot. Some refer to this as the sobriety test but I have no personal experience with this!

Dynamic walking: walk across the room at a normal pace while looking slowly to the left and to the right.

Google “balance exercises” for photos and more instructions. Bring more balance to your life. Best, Jim

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Loving yourself with all your soul brings a deep sense of purpose to your activities. Examining your inner self and bedrock values brings a focus and sense of meaning to your pursuits. Meditate and pray about your values and how your spirituality leads you to plan your priorities. Discuss your values and priorities with a sensitive family member—who shares similar values—or a friend who can help you with your goals. We should practice the very best behaviors that we want to model for our children or other younger people that we influence. Clearly defined goals and a deep sense of purpose are essential for weight loss and health management. Best, Jim

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Love yourself with all your HEART

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Love yourself with all your heart. My research over the last 6 months has focused on meditation and health. Out of this study, and my prior obesity research, I have concluded that loving yourself  with all your heart—your passion—is the most important principle for promoting health. Jesus teaches that we should love God, our neighbor and our self with all our heart, soul, mind and body (Mk 12:30,31). Loving ourselves with all our heart means having a deep passionate love that works for the best health etc. for ourselves. This means we have the same passionate desire and work for the best for ourselves as we do for our children, grandchildren and family. Paul adds that “our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit and we should honor God with our body” (1 Cor 6:19,20). He also adds “whether you eat or drink, do everything for the glory of God.” We need to identify the activities that best promote our health and then use our passion for our health to motivate us to follow these disciplines. Best wishes, Jim

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Benefits of Simple Diet

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Hi Simple Diet-ers. Someone recently raised concerns about the disadvantages of processed foods and food additives. We constantly have to make choices and weigh the benefits and risks. Living in a rainforest with no environmental pollutants would be healthier than living in an urban environment. Recent research indicates that autism is more common in children living near an LA freeway than in those not near a freeway. One MD author recommends that all water used in the house (shower, tap, etc.) be filtered to eliminate exposure to toxic chemicals. Ideally we should raise our own vegetables and by only local, organically-grown fruits and vegetables. It would be safer to eat no processed or packaged foods.

BUT the health advantages of living in a remote rural area, of using only filtered water for all purposes, for eating only home grown, organic fruits and vegetables are not documented scientifically. So we do not know the years of life gained and the reduction in heart disease and cancer that these behaviors would provide.

AND, could we survive financially, raise and educate a family, etc. under these circumstances? THUS, we have to make choices. The Simple Diet is designed to be a health-promoting, practical, SIMPLE program for losing weight. We have documented the reductions in blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and blood glucose with this diet. We can calculate the reductions in heart disease and early death associated with these benefits. While our diet does use processed foods with additives, I believe that this is a good trade-off. I think the benefits of 20, 30 or 50+ pounds of weight loss outweigh the short-term risks associated with using processed foods with additives. Once a healthy weight is achieved, the Simple Lifetime Diet can be modified to include only local, organic, non-processed foods for the long haul. So, I think we need to weigh the benefits of a diet against the potential risks. Just my thoughts, Best, Jim

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The Simple Lifetime Diet

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The Simple Lifetime Diet incorporates loving yourself with all your heart, soul, mind and body. Our research indicates that wellness and health promotion relate to these protective practices: nutritious eating, >50% of protection; physical fitness, ~20%, positive thinking and planning, ~15%; and meditation ~15%.

Nutritious eating includes a high-carbohydrate, high-fiber, low-fat diet rich in whole grains, fruits, and vegetables with protein from low fat dairy products, white meat and soy.

Physical fitness includes cardiovascular activities such as non-aerobic (e.g., walking) and aerobic exercises (e.g., biking or swimming); weight training for muscle strengthening; stretching activities; and good balance activities (e.g. standing on one foot or tight rope walking).

Positive thinking and planning requires developing goals and plans engage your whole heart and soul. Replacing negative self-talk with positive, affirming self-talk energizes your brain and body.

Meditation includes developing a discipline of 15 to 20 minutes of quiet time twice daily. This can be incorporated into a variety of devotion and prayer practices.  

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The Simple Diet: as simple as 3, 2, 5.

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Over the last 4 months many of you have shared your experience with the Simple Diet. Nancy, I and others appreciate your comments and sharing your challenges. Let me review some of your comments. As shared recently, the most common reason for not losing weight is going off the diet. Our experience indicates that a simple deviation, like just having a ‘taste’ of ice cream can lead to big-time eating. You may think, “I’ve already blown the diet today, I might as well enjoy the day.” This sometimes is followed by, “Since this is Friday, I will restart the diet on Monday.” After a 2 pound weight gain, as recently reported, you will be sadder but wiser. So, trust me, you will do much better if you just stick to 3 shakes, 2 entrees, and 5 fruits or vegetables.

Focus on the 3. 3 shakes per day is the most important component of the Simple Diet. It is much more difficult to achieve your weight goal is you do not do 3 shakes a day. There are hundreds of shakes available and thousands of recipes that include diet soda, fruit, and other ingredients. So, there probably is a shake that you can enjoy. Shakes deliver high volume and high nutrition—both of which are important. If the volume is a problem, you can make a pudding in 2 oz. of fluid. So I encourage you to regularly get in your 3 shakes a day.

Later, Nutdoc

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Positive self-talk is like having your favorite dessert

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We talk to ourselves continuously. Our left brain is always pushing us—“You can do better”—and criticizing us—“That was stupid, Jim.” Our right brain is the encourager—“Way to go, Jim”; “You are doing a great job.” When we say nice things about ourselves, we stimulate satisfaction centers in the brain. When we say negative things, it dampens our mood and our feelings. Research from Harvard released yesterday used sophisticated brain imaging to document that saying good things about yourself gives you a good feeling.

As outlined in the Simple Diet, saying, “I am in charge of my health and choose healthy foods”, give you a positive buzz. Saying, “I eat like a pig,” is a real downer. Research shows that you can replace the negative self-talk with positive self-talk thru practice and discipline. When negative thoughts pop up, say, “That is not true.” Say, “I work hard and get things done.” When you say nice things about yourself, it’s as refreshing as having a fruit smoothie or something else that you enjoy. Be nicer to yourself! Best, Nutdoc

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Three Shakes Daily

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Dear Simple Diet-ers.

A common QUESTION. Do I need to have three shakes per day? Family and friends raise this question because they do not enjoy shakes enormously  and have difficulty getting in three per day.

ANSWER: Three shakes per day are the most important ingredient for success in Phase One of the Simple Diet. Shakes are filling and provide satiating protein and high quality nutrition. My research and clinical experience indicates that three shakes per day are the key reason that the Simple Diet is more successful in promoting weight loss than published results on other diets and diet programs.

My deeply felt recommendation is that you continue three shakes, two entrees, and five fruits or vegetables until you have lost about 80% of the weight you wish to lose.

Best, Jim

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What is a Healthy Weight?

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Recently Sue asked me very challenging questions related to an ideal health-promoting weight. The BMI charts (see those in The Simple Diet) give you a starting point. For most people, a BMI of less than 25 is a good starting goal. Persons with large frames can weigh 10% more (a BMI below 27.5) and those with small frames should shoot for 10% less (a BMI less than 22.5). Another guide for persons over 40 years old is weight in high school for girls or college-age weight for guys. Body fat estimations give the best guide to “fatness”. Many YMCA’s or gyms have the “body fat calculators” to make these estimates. As a general rule, ladies should have a body fat content of less than 33% of body weight and guys should have values of less than 26%. Other experts adjust recommended body fat content for different ages. As a general rule women should have body fat contents at age 20 of less than 30% and at age 60 of less than 37%. Likewise, men should have body fat contents at age 20 of less than 20% and at age 60 of less than 31%. These recommendations are based on information related to heart attacks and early deaths related to BMI. Precise information relating body fat content to heart attack rates and early death rates is not available. So, the BMI is a good starting guide to a health-sustaining weight and the body fat content gives more precise guidance. Best wishes. Nutdoc

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