The Simple Diet: as simple as 3, 2, 5.

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Over the last 4 months many of you have shared your experience with the Simple Diet. Nancy, I and others appreciate your comments and sharing your challenges. Let me review some of your comments. As shared recently, the most common reason for not losing weight is going off the diet. Our experience indicates that a simple deviation, like just having a ‘taste’ of ice cream can lead to big-time eating. You may think, “I’ve already blown the diet today, I might as well enjoy the day.” This sometimes is followed by, “Since this is Friday, I will restart the diet on Monday.” After a 2 pound weight gain, as recently reported, you will be sadder but wiser. So, trust me, you will do much better if you just stick to 3 shakes, 2 entrees, and 5 fruits or vegetables.

Focus on the 3. 3 shakes per day is the most important component of the Simple Diet. It is much more difficult to achieve your weight goal is you do not do 3 shakes a day. There are hundreds of shakes available and thousands of recipes that include diet soda, fruit, and other ingredients. So, there probably is a shake that you can enjoy. Shakes deliver high volume and high nutrition—both of which are important. If the volume is a problem, you can make a pudding in 2 oz. of fluid. So I encourage you to regularly get in your 3 shakes a day.

Later, Nutdoc


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5 Responses to “The Simple Diet: as simple as 3, 2, 5.”

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Went from vegan (2 years) to veg.frozen (with cheese), on the Simple diet, but have constipation. Take Metamucin – doesn’t help. Please help.

Hi Knitting, best wishes on the Simple Diet. I am lacto-pisces vegetarian. HMR has four vegetarian entrees. Call 859-422-4671 for details. Any diet change can affect bowel habits. I recommend using Metamucil two or three times daily. You can take six capsules three times daily. Also, Splenda(R) essentials has 1 gram of soluble fiber per packet. I use about 10 packets per day on fruit, vegetables and in beverages. You can also select higher fiber fruits and vegetables– blackberries instead of bananas, broccoli instead of potatoes. Also, be certain you are getting in plenty of fluids, at least eight 8 oz glasses per day. Good luck, best, Nutdoc.

Thank you Nutdoc. I’ll try the Splenda. I am taking 3 teaspoons of Metamucil per day now and I eat lots of broccoli and kale, salads, no potatoes. I’ve also been taking a chocolate coated laxative l5 mg before bed so things are moving along, but I don’t want to rely on the laxative, for some reason. I ate lots of beans & lentils while vegan, and never had this problem. Thanks for your help. I REALLY want this Simple diet to work for me:)

Dr. Anderson, I am very new to your plan (2 days). I originally downloaded your book on my iPhone but found I needed the hard copy in my hand for reference, etc. It came today and I think I am doing it right, 3 shakes, 2 frozen meals, fruits, veggies, tons of water. I know you don’t count the calories, or I should say we don’t have to count the calories as you’ve done the work for us….but just for the heck of it I counted my calories from what I consumed yesterday and they came out to somewhere around 1650…yikes…..! That is like 400 more than I am thinking I should be consuming. I do walk 3.5 miles every day, have the Nike Fuelband and I actually work off about 1300 a day so not sure where I need to be given this info. I feel I am consuming too many calories but would like your comments….thanks so much!

Hi Jill, thanks for the interest and the questions. I think the most important thing is to follow the guidelines precisely for at least a week to see how the weight does. If you are not losing at an expected rate, then you may need to assess your choice of fruits and vegetables. Also there is a large range in calorie choices for shakes and entrees. One can follow the diet and come in at 1100 calories per day. Your exercise plan is excellent. Best wishes, Nutdoc

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