Benefits of Simple Diet

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Hi Simple Diet-ers. Someone recently raised concerns about the disadvantages of processed foods and food additives. We constantly have to make choices and weigh the benefits and risks. Living in a rainforest with no environmental pollutants would be healthier than living in an urban environment. Recent research indicates that autism is more common in children living near an LA freeway than in those not near a freeway. One MD author recommends that all water used in the house (shower, tap, etc.) be filtered to eliminate exposure to toxic chemicals. Ideally we should raise our own vegetables and by only local, organically-grown fruits and vegetables. It would be safer to eat no processed or packaged foods.

BUT the health advantages of living in a remote rural area, of using only filtered water for all purposes, for eating only home grown, organic fruits and vegetables are not documented scientifically. So we do not know the years of life gained and the reduction in heart disease and cancer that these behaviors would provide.

AND, could we survive financially, raise and educate a family, etc. under these circumstances? THUS, we have to make choices. The Simple Diet is designed to be a health-promoting, practical, SIMPLE program for losing weight. We have documented the reductions in blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and blood glucose with this diet. We can calculate the reductions in heart disease and early death associated with these benefits. While our diet does use processed foods with additives, I believe that this is a good trade-off. I think the benefits of 20, 30 or 50+ pounds of weight loss outweigh the short-term risks associated with using processed foods with additives. Once a healthy weight is achieved, the Simple Lifetime Diet can be modified to include only local, organic, non-processed foods for the long haul. So, I think we need to weigh the benefits of a diet against the potential risks. Just my thoughts, Best, Jim


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