Faster Weight Loss for Simple Diet-ers

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All of us want rapid weight loss. The Simple Diet is helping uncounted numbers of people do this. Eighty Simple-Diet-ers report average weight losses of 23 pounds in 8 weeks and about 35 pounds in 16 weeks. That’s about 3 pounds per week for 8 weeks and more than 2 pounds per week over 16 weeks. These weight losses are higher than we had when I saw patients weekly in my clinic. [Of course, the 80 people reporting may be bragging a little and probably the more successful people are those who report results.]

Being the researcher I am, I have done more calculations. Our clinic records give me data on weight losses for persons weighing approximately 140#, 180# and 220#.  Someone weighing 140# should lose about 12 pounds in 8 weeks and 17 pounds in 16 weeks. If you weigh about 180 pounds you should lose 17 pounds in 8 weeks and 25 pounds in 16 weeks on the Simple Diet. The person weighing about 220# should lose about 21# in 8 weeks and 33# in 16 weeks.

My calculations suggest that the average person on the Simple Diet is consuming about 1400 calories per day. On the Simple Diet you can use 3 shakes, 2 entrees, 3 vegetables and 2 fruits and consume as little as 1000 calories. On the other hand, you could consume 1500 calories or more and still be following the diet carefully. If you consume 1000 calories per day you lose 1# (one pound!) more per week than if you consume 1500 calories per day.

FOR FASTER WEIGHT LOSS, try this. Choose 3 shakes that have 150 calories or less per shake. Choose two entrees that have 240 calories or less per entrée. Select 3 vegetables from the low calorie list (26 choices, page 271, The Simple Diet) and choose 2 fruits from the low calorie column (10 choices, page 270). If you do not have bars or extra servings of these items you can get a healthy protein intake (70 grams/day) and consume less than 1100 calories. Chances are, making these diet choices and burning 2000 calories in physical activity will increase your weight loss by almost a pound per week. Try it, you’ll like it.

Many of our recommended shakes and entrees meet these criteria. Two shakes that I use are: HMR70 Plus shakes (110 calories—HMR 859-422-4671) and Vanilla Pleasure soy shakes (120 calories—1-800-REVIVAL). I use HMR  shelf-stable entrees and they have good choices around 240 calories or lower. You can find many choices at groceries, pharmacies and nutrition stores. Kick start you weight loss by making these choices. Best, Jim

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1. Simple Diet Challenges

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A. COOKING FOR THE FAMILY. The guidelines for the Simple Lifetime Diet in Chapter 12 help you cook for your family. This is a healthy diet for everyone. You can join the family with a salad and have your entree while they have a good protein choice such as white meat. All of you can enjoy your favorite vegetables. Then you can enjoy a variety of fruits with them for dessert. I use Splenda on my fruit as well as a sugar free Carmel syrup (DaVinci Gourmet(R)). Your family may enjoy have some low-fat yogurt with their fruit.
B. YOGURT INSTEAD OF SHAKE? This is a reasonable request since the yogurt meets the protein, calorie and fat guidelines. The disadvantage of yogurt is that you are getting 120 cal in about 5 oz. while many shakes have 10-20 oz. of volume. This deviation from the recommended diet may lead to other substitutions that may lead to diet deviations and, consequently, less weight loss.
C. SUBSTITUTING FOOD FOR AND ENTREE. One good question relates to Subway sandwiches. Some are reported to have less than 300 calories, more than 9 g of fat, and 12 g or more of protein. This may be accurate for one prepared in the company research kitchen but may really underestimate the calorie and fat content as prepared in the shop. What about extra cheese, generous mayonnise, etc. In general people do better on the Simple Diet if they do not have any foods not included in the guidelines.
D. SHAKES FOR THE FAMILY. Many children and even adults love the smoothies suggested in the Simple Diet book. Try some fun recipes for your family.
E. TROUBLE WITH THREE SHAKES/DAY? Some people tell me that “can’t take three shakes/day.” My experience with over 1500 people on the Simple Diet suggests two things. First, the volume of food is too much in the beginning. If this is the case, buy shakes that have fewer oz. (8 instead of 12) or make powdered shakes with smaller amounts of water or diet soda. My favorite shake makes a great pudding with just about 4 oz. of water. Second, some people do not enjoy shakes that much. That’s the reason most diets or programs do not rely on shakes. But shakes are, in my opinion, the most important ingredient in the Simple Diet. For this reason, the Simple Diet allows people to achieve 2 to 4 times more weight loss than the other diets or programs. Use affirming self-talk, “Using three shakes per day is very important in helping me lose the weight I plan to lose.
Good luck, Nutdoc

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