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Use chair, counter or bannister to grab for unsteadiness;

do all   exercises for 15 seconds or for distance indicated.


One foot R


Stand on 1 foot, lift other slightly in front; do small kicks

   with lifted foot; do small circles with lifted foot;

put raised foot on other   calf or thigh.

One foot L


Dynamic walking


 Walk slowly for 10 feet,

   turning head slowly and looking fully to each side.

 Repeat this 10 times.

Eye track R


Stand on 1 foot, rotate opposite hand,

at eye level, from L to R

   and follow raised thumb with both eyes

Eye track L


High knee march


Stand on 1 foot and move the other leg in a march fashion;

 lift   knees as high as you can. Do this 15 times on each side.

High knee march


Tight rope stand


Stand with 1 foot directly in front of other foot,

heel to toe.   Repeat on other side.

Tight rope stand


Tight rope walk


Walk 10 feet, heel to toe (sobriety test). Do this 10 times..

At the gym or with your own half ball

(like a Bosu ball), do   each of these for 15 seconds.

Balance ball both


Balance with both feet   on the ball;shift from side to side; do the hula.
Balance ball R


Stand on 1 foot, lift other slightly in front;

 do small kicks   with lifted foot; do small circles with lifted foot;

put raised foot on other   calf or thigh.

Balance ball L


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Improve Your Balance

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Keeping your balance is very important in your life, especially your postural balance and equilibrium. Everyone should do balance exercises almost daily to avoid falls. Falls are a leading cause of disability, injury and death for seniors. Also, obese individuals have more trouble maintaining their postural balance. Some say our bodies are like an inverted pendulum with the top of the pendulum being the ankles and the bottom being the trunk. In the Simple Diet, unfortunately, I did not recommend balance exercises. Since I started going to the YMCA 4-6 times a week, I see that less than 5% of people there regularly do balance training.

My wife and I are seniors and we have balance challenges. I don’t want to mention her age but we celebrated our 55th Anniversary this week. I have developed a worksheet and we plan to do balance exercises almost daily. Over the past 9 months I have become strongly convinced that regular balance exercises are very important health-promoting activities for everyone. These can be done without equipment and while in the kitchen, while waiting in line, etc.

Dr. Anderson’s New Guide to Total Fitness includes these recommendations: do home balance exercises for about 10 minutes for 6 days per week. I recently gave specific directions (BALANCE YOU FITNESS PROGRAM) on Add this row of information to the Table on page 49 of The Simple Diet:

Balance Do standing and walking exercises 10 Balance Exercises, 6 days per week 60 minutes                (300 calories)


Remember, maintaining your balance is very important—especially for seniors. Best, Nutdoc

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In the last year I have added balance to my recommended fitness program. In addition to Cardiovascular, Weight Training, and Stretching, you should add balance activities. Balance exercises help you maintain your balance—and your confidence. While important for all ages, it is especially important for seniors. It reduces your risk of falling.

Here are some simple exercises. Start out using a chair or counter for balance. Do each exercise for about 15 seconds.

Stand to the left of the chair and hold on to the chair with the left hand (if you need to.) Balance on the left foot with the right foot bent behind you, then do forward kicks with the right leg, then rotate the right foot, then place the right foot on the upper left calf. Repeat standing on the right foot with the right hand on the chair. For more of a challenge do this while standing on a pillow or a semi-circular Bosu Ball.

Do the march: stand on right foot to right of chair, hold on with right hand; do 15 march steps with left leg, repeat with right leg.

Do heel to toe test: walk heel to toe with front foot touching back foot. Some refer to this as the sobriety test but I have no personal experience with this!

Dynamic walking: walk across the room at a normal pace while looking slowly to the left and to the right.

Google “balance exercises” for photos and more instructions. Bring more balance to your life. Best, Jim

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The Simple Lifetime Diet

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The Simple Lifetime Diet incorporates loving yourself with all your heart, soul, mind and body. Our research indicates that wellness and health promotion relate to these protective practices: nutritious eating, >50% of protection; physical fitness, ~20%, positive thinking and planning, ~15%; and meditation ~15%.

Nutritious eating includes a high-carbohydrate, high-fiber, low-fat diet rich in whole grains, fruits, and vegetables with protein from low fat dairy products, white meat and soy.

Physical fitness includes cardiovascular activities such as non-aerobic (e.g., walking) and aerobic exercises (e.g., biking or swimming); weight training for muscle strengthening; stretching activities; and good balance activities (e.g. standing on one foot or tight rope walking).

Positive thinking and planning requires developing goals and plans engage your whole heart and soul. Replacing negative self-talk with positive, affirming self-talk energizes your brain and body.

Meditation includes developing a discipline of 15 to 20 minutes of quiet time twice daily. This can be incorporated into a variety of devotion and prayer practices.  

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