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Some Simple Diet-ers report that the 3 shakes, 2 entrees, and 5 fruits/vegetable are too much to eat but many report getting hungry. We developed plans to combat hunger and I will briefly give an overview.

VOLUME is first. Be sure to get in your eight 8 oz. glasses of noncaloric fluids (don’t count shakes). The stomach rumbles when it is empty. The stomach can’t discern whether it is water that is filling it up or a strawberry smoothie, it just wants something in there!

BIG SHAKES are next. Some 200 calorie shakes come in 8 oz. containers. That’s 25 calories/oz. My favorite GNC Total Lean Shake has 170 calories in 14 oz. or 12 calories/oz. You can expand your single shakes to 20 or 25 ounces. Add the recommended water PLUS 8 oz. of diet soda to your powdered shake. Blend with 5 ice cubes. I added 8 oz. of diet 7 UP and four strawberries to my GNC shake today— delicious (8 calories/oz.). But you can do better recipes than me. SHARE YOUR RECIPES.

EAT MORE is third. That’s right, eat more low calorie choices (not bars!) First, add low calorie vegetables (see list on p. 271). Second, add low calorie fruits (p. 270). Third, add another high volume shake. Fourth, add lower calorie entrees (~200 calories/entrée).

That’s it, as easy as one, two, three. Best, Nutdoc

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BARIATRIC SURGERY FOR DIABETES. Let’s think about it!!! Weight loss is the most effective treatment for persons with diabetes and obesity. This is most safely done though and intensive nutrition weight loss program. I have treated over 5000 patients with diabetes and obesity and many have achieve remission of their diabetes and even gone 20 years after stopping insulin while on our Simple Diet and Simple Lifetime diet. The risks and complications of bariatric surgery are scary. With gastric bypass surgery one in 63 patients die within one year and 40% have complications in the first year. Lap-band surgery has lower death rates but more frequent complications. So, I always tell my patients they need to try diet for weight loss seriously before subjecting themselves to the scary risks of surgery. See my blog on Bariatric Surgery References and Chapter 11 of my book, The Simple Diet for details and references. Best, Nutdoc

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